3 Simple Steps to Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Cooler

We are in the summer and, with the high temperature, also come the dry air, respiratory problems, excessive sweating and even difficulty sleeping at night. Some of these problems may be related to the choice of mattress; the inner material and the coating may further hamper the passage of air causing excessive heat on the surface which increases when in contact with the body. With that in mind, we have selected a few tips that can ease the heat problems at bedtime, especially if you use memory foam mattress.

People who perspire a lot, or live in warmer regions, should prefer mattresses that do not worsen the sensation of heat. In the case of internal structure, the mattress of spiral springs. They are more ventilated than memory foam mattress because the foam does not have internal spacing for air circulation.

Picking the best memory foam mattress

#1 For anyone who has allergies or asthma, however, a memory foam mattress is the best option. Being the latex a natural product, extracted from the rubber tree, which in addition to being colder foam. It has a system of holes, allows active ventilation and absorbs the heat of the body.

#2 Another important tip is to coat the memory foam mattress with a protective cover, anti-scratch, and preferably impermeable, as they block the perspiration, avoiding that the contact between the perspiration and the mattress can favor the proliferation of fungi.

#3 The fabric should also receive special attention. Prefer the ones with a high percentage of Cotton, Bamboo or Aloe Vera, which are more breathable, because they are softer and fresh.

Is the memory foam mattress the right pick for you?

When we think about changing our room, we soon think of the bed and how to make it more cozy and pleasant. And the most important part of the bed is the one that generates the biggest doubts: Which is the best finish? Done from what?  And the ideal size: Spring or latex?  We have all the important facts for you here.


They offer firmness, elasticity and breathe to the mattress. It is possible to find models with different degrees of density, ensuring a good cushioning and elasticity.

  • Advantage: It is the ideal model for the back.
  • Disadvantage: With too much weight, the springs can sag and sink.

Memory foam mattress

It is ideal for children or extra beds that are not used as often.

  • Advantage: It isolates the heat.
  • Disadvantage: It loses firmness with ease.


It is the most natural material. The mattresses made with this material are hygienic and hardly lose elasticity.

  • Advantage: Extreme comfort.
  • Disadvantage: It is more expensive than most mattresses.


Viscolatex is made of a material with “active memory” so that it fits perfectly in our body. The feeling of lightness and softness are two highlights in these models.

  • Advantage: the freshness.
  • Disadvantage: should only be used with wooden pallet, unlike the memory foam mattress.